Cartridge Filters

Spunbounded Cartridges
Drum Filter Media provides 100%, non-woven polyester Spunbounded Cartridges. Their savings and cleaning ability make polyester Spunbounded Cartridges a better choice.

Cartridge Filters
Since Spunbounded cartridges can be washed and reused many times, their overall cost is less than cheaper paper cartridges. Another savings is in wasted media. At filter change out time of a power coat paint machine, the paper filter will retain up to 25 pounds of paint with the Spunbounded cartridge will retain approximately 3 pounds.


Better Cleaning Ability
Since the surface of the Spunbounded filters do not permit particles to become embedded like felt and paper, and the pleats are spaced further apart, plise cleaning is more effective. Plus the Spunbounded filters hold less powder so they are plised earlier with a lower plise pressure.



We offer direct replacements for*:

  • Binks™
  • Farr™
  • Gema™
  • Nordson™
  • Reclaim™
  • Torit™
  • Wagner™
  • Wheelabrator™

...and many others at a fraction of the cost


*All names are trademarked by their respective owners