Filter Media

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Patented Loop Pile Surface


Drum Filter Media manufactures the patented Beane Bag™  media. The Beane Bag™  media is circular knit fabric consisting of a patented "loop pile" surface. The circular knit process provides a high permeability, reducing pressure drop conditions with excellent filtration efficiencies of 99.5 to 99.99%. The physical movement of the "loop pile" surface on the cleaning cycle easily removes heavy dust formations while preventing blinding or plugging of the fabric. By eliminating the seam you have additional filter area and increased air flow. Diameters include 3.5", 4.7", 5", 6" 8", 9", 9.5", 12.5", 13" and 24". We also manufacture flat width fabric for large diameter filter media.

Superior Cleaning Action
The Beane Bag™  can be used in your baghouse system regardless of the bag cleaning method employed (i.e. Pulse-Jet, Shaker or Reverse Air) Bag cleaning energy is transmitted to the self-cleaning loop pile structure on the dust side of the Beane Bag™ . The unique flexing action of the loop pile dust surface is designed to break up the accumulated dust cake and discharge it efficiently in seconds, not minutes. Time and cleaning energy are saved. In addition wear and tear on both filter bags and bag cleaning mechanisms is minimized.

Energy Savings
With the increasing cost of electricity, energy savings are becoming more important. The Beane Bag™  helps to correct and reduce the high pressure drop conditions across the baghouse system resulting in fan energy savings that could be substantial

Static Eliminator
Knitting with electrically conductive carbonized yarns, the media can improve baghouse safety by constantly drawing off static charges to ground. These fabrics will also combat "Static Cling" or serious cases of dust hang up due to opposing static charges between the dust and the filter media.

Improved air-flow efficiency plus effective filter bag cleaning means lower pressure-drop readings across baghouse systems equipped with the high efficiency Beane Bag™ .
Problems with undersized inefficient baghouse units can be solved. In many cases baghouse capacity can be increased with simple fan modifications.
Reduced air-flow resistance and lower pressure-drop readings, add up to significant energy savings. Fans don't work as hard. Shakers don't shake as long. In the case of Pulse-Jet systems, tests have proven that, in many cases, compressed air consumption can be reduced by up to 50% due to the superior self-cleaning ability of the media.
On the left are the typical manometer readings before and after a Beane Bag™  installation.


At Drum Filter Media we have over 20 years of experience manufacturing media for a variety of filters including the energy efficient Beane Bag™ . The design of the Beane Bag™ media has many advantages including:


Increased air flow
Increased dust pickup
Increased A/C ratios
Increased system efficiency
Reduced pressure drops
Reduced fan energy consumption
Reduced compressed air usage
Reduced operations cost